• Wood Whispering 101

    Way of the Wood Workshop

    We want to start an online gallery featuring your work! Learn the Way of the Wood  and send us pictures!


    Our first group show is in May. ” Celes’tree’al Art”

    Your assignment, should you choose to accept:

    1. Find, reclaim, or recycle some old wood. (It’s a wood idea to clean and sand the surface)

    2. Let the stars be your guide. Go with the grain or knots in the wood and collaborate with it to create a cosmos themed expression. Use woodever you have for the medium but here are some ideas if that helps any (wood burn, carve, paint, stain, water colour, mud, vegetable dye, collage) anything goes. Just look around and use up the supplies you already have! 

    3. Send in the picture(s) by March 31st friendswithwood@gmail.com

    *if you need help with cutting or finding wood in Vancouver, just ask! * free section on craigslist is always a good source! happy wooding!

    Vancouver workshops – coming soon! Join our Mailing List for updates! You can also join the Wood Warrior community  or follow us on facebook or tumblr for updates & inspiration.Tony learning Wood Whispering 101 at the Chinatown Night Market - photo by Erica Wilk